Welcome to Your Employment Barrister (YEB). Your Employment Barrister aims to provide a competitive and efficient service to employers and employees alike as well as providing up to date information and resources. When you come to Your Employment Barrister you get “Direct Access” to a team of the experts and benefit from a recent revolution in the delivery of legal services.


Barristers are traditionally seen as the folks in wigs and gowns in Court room dramas like Kavanagh QC, Judge John Deed or ‘Silks’. However, a much more accurate description of us is that we are like consultants, the people you to go when your problem is really serious. You may want a contract drafted so that it is water tight. You go to a Barrister. You may need advice on whether to settle a dispute. You go to a Barrister. You want someone to represent you in Court. You go to a Barrister.

Of course, there are many good solicitors out there but often what is required in the area of employment law is hands on experience of how trials work. If you don’t appear in Court regularly,  it’s hard to understand exactly what Judges and Tribunals actually require – how the ‘theory’ of the law and what the books say relates to the practical ‘on the ground’ reality of what actually happens.  And our Court work doesn’t just make us good at winning trials. It also tells us what you need to do if you want to stop a dispute happening in the first place.

Direct Public Access

Until recently if you wanted a Barrister to work on your case, you had to see a solicitor first. So you would have to go down to the High Street, or to your usual firm and seek advice (and pay for it, of course). If things got difficult you would have to pay for the solicitor to go to the Barrister (often referred to as ‘Counsel’) and seek his or her expert opinion and advice.

Under the old system you had to pay for TWO lawyers rather than one. But now we have Direct Public Access which has swept away the antiquated rule requiring a solicitor. Nowadays you don’t need a solicitor to get access to the expert. You can come direct to the expert and get the advice or representation you need.

Do you want to know how to deal with a Tribunal claim brought by a former employee? You can come direct to us. Do you want to know if you have been unfairly dismissed? You can come direct to us.

Customer Friendly

50 years ago Barristers tended to be male, upper class and unapproachable.

Today things are very different. This profession is now vibrant and diverse, attracting people from all walks of life, people who live in the real world. For example, we use modern technology so of course you can send us your papers by email and attend a conference by Skype.

The Cost

There is a real cost to going to us via a solicitor.

For a start the solicitor may not recognize that expert help is needed, making your situation much worse. Or they may not consult us until mistakes have been made.

We’re likely to be cheaper because you won’t have to pay both the Barrister and the solicitor to attend a meeting with you as you did under the old system.

Our offices are smaller and less costly making our hourly rates very competitive.

Finally, we aim to offer ‘un-bundled’ legal services. That means that we use our expert knowledge to ensure that different aspects of your problem are dealt with in the most cost effective way. Rather than charge you a fortune to put together the documentation for a trial as many solicitors will we’ll teach you to do it yourself!

Or you can get it done by one of our network of paralegals who we work with.

Employers and Employees

We represent both employers and employees equally. We think it gives us an edge.

Now some people are surprised by this. The answer is clear – we live in the real world. There are terrible employers out there and terrible employees. We have all seen cases where employees act badly and deserve to get fired, as well as cases where employees are discriminated against and fired for the wrong reasons.

Because we represent both sides, we know where the bodies are buried – on either side!

However, the vital thing is that we fight hard for our clients – whether we represent the company or the employee. Whichever side you are on, you will get impartial and robust advice at all times. We will accurately set out your chances of winning and advise you on the best way of winning your case –regardless of which side you are on.  We have no agenda, take no sides.

Whether you are an employee or an employer, in need of a legal solution, consider a direct access employment barrister first. You won’t be disappointed with your choice. The legal market is getting more competitive – why not take advantage of that?

Services Offered

The services offered by our team of employment barristers are tailored individually for your needs.

But in reality we can help with virtually all facets of your case – but your needs will be different if you are an employee or an employer – so please go to either the employee page or the employer page for more information on how Your Employment Barrister can help you.

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