Direct Public Access

What is Direct Public Access?


IN the past, when you wanted legal advice or someone to represent you in a claim, you had to go to a solicitor, who would then instruct a barrister if necessary. Normally, a barrister might be instructed to represent you in the tribunal or write an advice on the merits of your claim. He or she would then charge your solicitor who would in turn pass that cost onto you.

Recently, the rules have changed, meaning that as a member of the public, you can go to a barrister directly, bypassing the solicitor stage.

For a barrister to work on your case directly, they must have completed their Public Access training, which is run and accredited by the Bar Council.




Why Might It Be Better for Me?

Going directly to a barrister means you can reduce your legal costs significantly as you are only hiring one lawyer instead of two. Also our premises are also more modest than most law firms so you are only paying for our expert advice and guidance.

It will also mean you get the best and most expert advice from day one, without your solicitor having wait for a barrister to advise them. Furthermore, at Your Employment Barrister, we are equipped to handle all aspects of litigation with the support of our network of paralegals and at a better price than most solicitors. For example, a junior solicitor might charge you £100 an hour for preparing your bundle (folder of documents) for trial, whereas we can use one of our trained paralegals at a rate of £40-50 an hour.

Is There a Reason Why I Shouldn't Use Direct Public Access?

The only reason why you could not use a Direct Access barrister for your employment claim is if you intend to fund your case using Legal Aid. This almost never available for Employment Claims.