At Your Employment Barrister

we offer quality representation services for Claimants.


For Claimants we offer ‘no win no fee’ arrangements’ on some cases and also work with the major legal insurance companies to ensure you can get legal expenses cover if your case is strong enough. Many of these companies tell Claimants they need to work with their panel solicitors. That’s not right and we are experienced in helping you pick the legal team that is right for you. For Claimants, we like to think we offer a very personal service. Often we speak to clients without charging, advising them initially as to whether we think they have a case. Our advice is always practical and we aim to discuss with you whether actually leaving and/or appearing before the Tribunal is actually in your interests. We advise you on the bigger picture so that you can think of long as well as short term considerations. After all, you might have a good case, but could a tribunal claim mean you never work in the industry again? These are the things we talk about. We also provide written opinions to help persuade legal expenses insurers to cover your case, if you are insured and the case has sufficient merit. We often do this when the panel solicitors have said no, because we find that our practical experience of cases allows us to assess more accurately the chances of success with a combination of theory and practise combined.

What Then Can We Help You With?


We will work with you to help you draft your ET1 the right way – either in person or using technology like Skype.
  • We will ‘hold your hand’ throughout, advising you as to the merits of our case as the trial process continues;
  • We will represent you at pre hearing reviews as well as case management hearings – these are very important as at these hearings issues are often clarified and become the framework for the trial. So if issues are missed at these hearings, it can have a very detrimental effect on how your trial may proceed. Sometimes, the employer will attempt to have your case “struck out” without a full hearing and such tactics need to be opposed very robustly;
  • We will help you get the documentary evidence (“disclosure”) you need; as we often represent both sides, we know how companies deal with disclosure and how some try and avoid at all costs disclosing documents they know will harm their case – we can help you get those documents by making the correct applications to the Court filed in the correct way;

We will help you prepare your witness statement; these days, everything you want to say must be written down in a witness statement and you will have very little further opportunity to ‘have your say’ or ‘say your piece’ ;  the witness statement is therefore extremely important and if it is not done right, it can make the difference between winning and losing your case.

We are also ready to help you in other circumstances, such as:
  • Are you being asked to sign a new contract of employment or a letter varying your terms? Maybe you think it is not fair? We can advise you on the implications of signing or not signing and the next steps;
  • Are you considering signing a compromise agreement to end your employment and don’t understand it or think maybe it’s unfair? We can go through it with you and look at it in great detail;
  • Do you think you haven’t been offered a job for reasons to do with your race, colour, religion, sexual orientation, disability, the fact you are pregnant or your sex? We can advise you as to whether the evidence bears this out and what to do next;
  • Do you feel you are being treated unfairly at work in some way, being bullied, harassed or taken advantage of? We can advise you whether you have a claim and what to do next.
Fees, Payment Arrangements & Fixed Cost Agreements
We at Your Employment Barrister pride ourselves on our fees structure which we believe is highly competitive, offering you a great value yet top quality legal service. For claimants and employers alike, we offer a variety of payment methods, including fixed cost arrangements. You agree a fee at the beginning of the case, and don’t pay anymore.  This is perfect if you are on a budget and want to know your potential exposure at the outset. This works particularly well if you are approaching trial. Of course, this cuts both ways, so we also offer standard charging arrangements whereby we charge for pieces of work as we go along. We also offer mix and match, were you can agree fixed fees for certain things and can ‘pay as you go’ for others, giving you maximum flexibility. We also offer (for claimants only) in certain cases ‘no win no fee’ cases, or ‘conditional fee arrangements’. These can take the form of a reduced fee arrangement, whereby you agree to pay for the work done on a discounted rate,  but if you win, you agree to pay the full rate with a premium on top. The other form is a straight ‘no win, no fee’ arrangement whereby you don’t pay a penny unless you win, but if you do win we are entitled to our full fees with a premium. These cases are taken by us on our discretion only. We also take cases that are funded by legal insurance companies and can assist you get the funding you need if you have an insurance policy in place. We at Your Employment Barrister understand that funding a case or paying for advise can be difficult, so we aim to provide a flexible and cost-efficient use of your resources and to offer the best legal solution we can.

At all times, we pride ourselves on our down to earth and practical advice. And if you work with us, don’t forget we are Your Employment Barrister.