The mistake we see made countless times by employers, both small and large (particularly small) is a failure to get lawyers involved earlier enough. Not consulting lawyers may save money in the short term but cost a lot more in the long term.



WE at Your Employment Barrister pride ourselves on our fees structure which we believe is highly competitive, offering you a great value yet top quality legal service.

For claimants and employers alike, we offer a variety of payment methods, including fixed cost arrangements. You agree a fee at the beginning of the case, and don’t pay any more.  This is perfect if you are on a budget and want to know your potential exposure at the outset. This works particularly well if you are approaching trial.

Of course, this cuts both ways, so we also offer standard charging arrangements whereby we charge for pieces of work as we go along.

We also offer mix and match, were you can agree fixed fees for certain things and can ‘pay as you go’ for others, giving you maximum flexibility.

How Can We Save You Money?


Here are some examples of how we can save you money.
  • Drafting contracts or advising on your staff contracts. Are you confident that your contracts will prevent a high ranking employee leaving and taking your customers with her? Do they protect your trade secrets?
  • Advising on redundancies – sadly, redundancies are very common at the moment, but if handled badly, with inaccurate notes or steps left out of the procedure, you could be found liable for unfairly dismissing people which will cost you money – money you wanted to save through the redundancy in the first place;
  • Advising on disciplinary action before it is undertaken – follow an inadequate procedure, miss out a few steps, fail to collate the right documents during the process and you could find yourself a staff member down AND facing a large compensation claim – even if you felt you were doing the right thing. Who needs that in a recession?
  • Guiding you though a disciplinary or dismissal process – we can be there every step of the way, ensuring that your process is rigorous but fair and protecting you from allegations of unfair procedures or decisions that are said to be unfair;
  • If you are a small organisation and your senior people have been involved in the disciplinary action, we can conduct your investigation, your disciplinary hearing, your disciplinary appeal hearing. And we can do the same with a grievance; that way you can ensure fairness and impartiality and close the door on the arguments that the people conducting the proceedings have been biased against the employee.
What else can we help with?
  • You arrive for work on Monday morning and find a claim from the Employment Tribunal sitting on your desk. Do you know you only have 28 days to respond? And if you don’t, you can’t participate, are very likely to get a judgement entered against you that is enforceable in the County Court. Want the bailiffs round?
  • This document has to be right – first time. Say something you don’t mean, or is wrong, even if it’s by mistake and you could be stuck with it – and a good defence goes down the drain.
  • So get an expert to write it with you. Either at your place of work or in our central London offices. We also embrace modern technology and often use Skype for client calls and conferencing.
What Else?
  • You have already entered your defence to a claim and now you have a Case Management and Directions hearing; these can be very important as issues are determined there that define how the whole trial is conducted; would you like us to handle this hearing for you?
  • Maybe you need to amend your defence – we can help:
  • Even if it looks as though you have dismissed someone unfairly, we can help you reduce the bill.
    If you have done things wrong procedurally, the law says that it is possible to argue that if things had been done correctly you still would have dismissed the employee – we can help you with that;
  • You can also argue that, based on what you have found out about your member of staff after they have left that, you would have dismissed them anyway; we can advise you on how to get the evidence you need.
  • We can advise on the production of documents, creation of trial bundles, draft letters and the like;
    We can help you draft witness statements that can be used in Tribunal; these days witnesses get little chance to say anything in support of their case other than what is in their written statement (“Witness Statement”) That means that if you haven’t said it in a witness statement and you aren’t asked about it by the Claimant’s lawyer (or the Claimant if they are representing themselves), it may never get heard by the Tribunal; witness statements are therefore incredibly important. We can draft these with you.
  • And, of course, we will represent you at negotiations, mediations, judicial mediations or at the Tribunal Hearing. As experts in conducting trials, we offer an effective defence of the case. Tactical sense is very important and cases have to be presented in the right way – the right mixture of aggression and consideration, with the forensic ability to cross examine witnesses effectively to undermine and discredit them if need be.

We don’t just help employers when things have gone badly wrong – we offer cost effective advice on systems and procedures to ensure that if relationships sour with an employee, they are handled in the right way. That means ensuring that there are proper systems in place for ensuring that complaints are dealt with properly by your organisation. They also ensure that disciplinary action is taken in a uniform way to prevent you treating employees differently.

Contract, staff handbooks, letters varying terms and conditions, etc. We do all of those things.

However, our services don’t stop there. We can also advise on your business related problems – removing Directors, share holder disputes, problems arising out of employees leaving with confidential information, social media problems and credit control issues

So next time you have a problem with your staff, get a barrister involved in the case. Your Employment Barrister.

Please see our fees structure to find out how much this will cost you. Be pleasantly surprised!