Why Use An Employment Lawyer

Why Use An Employment Lawyer?

A specialist employment lawyer can make all the difference in your Tribunal claim.

Some people think, however, that they do not need specialist legal advice. We at Your Employment Barrister understand this. With so many websites telling you the law, giving you access to the relevant statutes and cases, it is easy to think that you have access to the same information that lawyers have. Therefore, you can read as well as lawyers can, so why do you need a lawyer? This is a simple question that has a rather complicated answer. Think about riding a bicycle. You can learn to ride the bicycle by reading a book. It will explain the mechanics of how to ride, the techniques to use and so on. But actually riding the bike takes practice, and riding the bicycle well and proficiently takes experience. Law is a little bit like that. Yes, anyone can read statutes and cases that is only one small part of how a case evolves. You also have to understand how the legal principles interact with the evidence and how the law is actually applied in practice. Sometimes, the way that judges apply the law can appear different to how you would expect them to by just reading it. Of course, to read the law yourself, you have to be aware that it exists. We have spoken to many clients about their cases and have found out causes of action that never occurred to them. That is not a criticism but as experienced practitioners in the field, we have a wide and deep knowledge of all the facets of how cases can be brought. Of course, the real skill of a lawyer is in managing a case. Not only do we give you the advice as to where your case is strong and weak, according to our experience, we will also manage the case for you. We will deal with those awkward and unpleasant letters from the other side that make threats. We will prepare the evidence in the best possible light and work with you to prepare witness statements that make your case look as compelling as possible. We will attend the case management and preliminary hearings to make sure that your case is advanced in the best possible way. Of course, if it comes to it, we will take your case to trial. Here, the skill of the experienced trial Advocate can clearly be seen. A good employment barrister can often do significant if not fatal damage to the other side’s case through their cross examination. By asking the right questions at the right time, making reference to the documents and setting up carefully the pitfalls and traps required, cases can often be won purely on that basis. So, if you are wondering why you should even use an employment lawyer like Your Employment Barrister, please think of the bicycle analogy. Many people can learn to ride a bike by reading the book. We however like think of ourselves as experienced riders Many people are concerned as to the funding that lawyers can cost. However, please go here and see our funding page will be discuss the different options that may relate to how we can help you with your case. Do not be put off by funding issues. You may be surprised at the extent to which we can work with your budget, will try and secure insurance or other third party funding, or even take certain conditional fee arrangements to help bring your claim. Press the button and claim your fixed consultation now.


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